August Vacation Note 👣

Currently have dark dyed hair... My hair needed a smooth boost and dark always does make your hair look more shiny. ✨

Anyway, I'm in America on vacation and basically have no phone access (unless I want to pay huge roaming fees, 60p per text, £1.20 per minute calling 🙄). I'm hooked up to my parents Internet so I have that now. But tomorrow I'm off to the mountains of Cherokee, so I'll be off in the wild. Can't wait, been looking forward to this! 🌲

I could do with this off phone / Internet now and again. Helps you calm down a bit. You get so hyped hooked to the demands of modern technology. You need to breathe a little and find out who you are every now and then. Give yourself some space and find out what your purpose is, remind yourself who you are, straighten your crown, focus on the big picture, define your goals, be true to your identity and make new goals which will help your corner of the world. 💞

When I'm back I still have room for writing coaching to those who are interested. 📝

Hope you have an amazing weekend! 🌺

Amber 🦋


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