Cranky But Cute

I hate the heat. Especially when it makes you retain fluid and makes you feel like a balloon because it's making you ill. 😢

Oh great. 🙄

It messes up my moods even worse, gets me super cranky and I don't want to deal with humans. But anyway... 😒

I've changed my mind again, writerly speaking. I'm still fiction Author Amber Florenza. 👑

But if and when I write anything else nonfiction, I'll do it under my real name. Who knows? Let's see what the future holds. I don't have the energy to see that far into it. Let tomorrow take care of tomorrow. Every day's a new day. 💐

I've also changed my mind about my big series chief detective lady's husbands... She's just going to have one horrendous but terribly handsome husband who starts off annoying her but she ends up suddenly realising she can't live without him. I was going to have her have three husbands, twice a widow before the third but I don't feel like crying while I'm writing. Gonna be no close romantic deaths or dying husbands to deal with. Don't feel like weeping over fictionary beloved departs. I'm sure she'll find enough to cry over on her detective journeys without extras to add to it. 🙄

Right, that's it for today. See you in the next chapter of my life! ✈️

Amber 🦋


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