It's OK To Be A Hurricane

Here we go again, the weather is playing havoc with my moods and the moods of people like me. 🦋

There's a big hurricane going on a few states away, but I was in the same state when the storm started (although I was in the mountains and the storm was off the coast). Anyway, it's massively effecting me and some people I know. We are a torrent of unruly emotions and it's mega hard! 🌊

I've wished so many times I could be different. Wish I could be a normal human who can go about life without your own self hurling rocks of stupidity and difficulties in your face. I make my own life harder from all my mistakes, and from trusting too much sometimes and then mistrusting people who probably could have made my life better. Life's such a puddle of muddle! 😢

But here's to celebrating today in hopes that we will find something beautiful out of the wreck of our lives we created. 🌈

We will shine and not burn out. 🔥

Amber 🦋


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