Confidence Is a Decision

So I'm finally deciding to be confident. 🌟

For years I've sulked in the shadows of beautiful women, crying in silence as time after time a guy would choose another girl prettier than me. So I thought. 🤔

I've dyed my hair a thousand times. I thought I would be beautiful if I had dark hair, like those beautiful women most guys fell for. Or I tried light blonde, but my hair almost all fell out this summer. Oops. 🙄

I've all but wrecked my life in the quest of becoming beautiful for a man. And what of it? Did I accomplish anything? I only lost more confidence. Became depressed. Wished I'd never been born. But recently I've decided, no man is worth the tears or the high maintenance. I'm me and that's good enough. 🙌

I'm pretty as I am. I've put a hair color remover on my hair today and I'm going back to my original blonde again. No, it's not a popular color - darkish blonde mixed with a reddish tint. But it's mine. It's part of me and I'm amazing. 😊

So next time anyone makes you feel ugly and depressed, remember to hold your head high and know you're pretty just as you are. 💖

Goodnight, my beauties! ✨

Amber 🦋


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