Success Is Not Always What You See

Lately I've been extra down and depressed feeling all the weight of the world and wondering if I'll ever stop suffocating under the pressures and demands of life. But today I came across this photo. I've seen it before but I really needed to see it again. It reminds me to peek back on life for a little bit... ✨

Don't look back on your mistakes. Only look back to see how far you've come. You've won battles before, you can win them again. 🙏

If you feel like a failure and everything is going wrong, remember that some things have to grow their roots underground... Beneath the surface, where nobody sees your efforts and struggles, where nobody knows how hard you're fighting to survive. The greatest victories are fought and won in silence. Keep a heart full of hope. You'll get through this. You haven't been buried in defeat but have been buried like a seed to produce beautiful results. 🌱

Thought somebody else needed to hear this today... 🤗

Happy new month! 🍂

Amber 🦋


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