Tired of Being Tired

Do you have those days too? When you feel like you're in the wrong place, feel like the wrong person, oh those feelings. 😔

Everything gets on your nerves. You wish you'd never been born. What good did you amount to? Who would really miss you? Who all is lying to you? Who can you trust with your secrets? Who is going to turn their back on you? Etc., etc. 🙄

Yes, I'm having those thoughts too. 😒

I'm not promising tomorrow is going to be easy but I've survived before, I'll survive again. No point giving anyone the satisfaction of seeing me suffer. I'm far tougher than anyone knows. I'm bored of life. I wish I was a bird so I can fly away to anywhere in the world and not worry about paying for flights, going through security and anxiety, and long travel times. ✈️

I wish something exciting will happen. 🤞

Guess we better plod along, shake ourselves and maybe eat better... I'm sleeping far too much lately, can't get out of bed before noon or I'm not feeling well. Life. 🙄

Hope yours is better than mine, 

Amber 🦋


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