Work Hard, Be Kind and Believe

Hello, how's everyone? I'm OK, just getting together new goals for a new year. 🎉

✨ 2020 highlight goals: ✨
The year's dream destination: Ireland. ☘️
Publish a Sunshine Scribbles novel. 📚
Build my bank account up again. 💸
Journal every day to control moods. 💚
Have more faith, worry less. 🙏

Everything happens for a reason. You'd think 2019 was the most failing year I've ever made but, on the flip side, this year has pushed me to become the best version of myself. It's given me the chance to minimise my life, possessions, worries. It's given me the opportunity to be a gypsy, the dream I've always wanted. 👣

I may never settle again to a normal lifestyle - house, hearth, home. But I'll definitely enjoy life more and get to see more of the people I love. 🤗

My work goals is to make money on the go - writing, coaching, selling. 🛍️

Life doesn't have to be difficult. 💞

God works in mysterious ways. ❣️

Look for the good and you'll find it. 💎

Amber 🦋


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