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Hey everyone! 💗

I've got some exciting news! I'm currently building a new ebook publishing business, creating a mega series for writers to write preplanned episodes for. ✏️

Writers will work like ghostwriters. They will get a preplanned outline to follow and their episode will be edited to match other episodes. You can message or email me to ask which kind of episode will suit you to write. There's going to be a countless amount of episodes, and all sorts of different characters and kinds of stories to write. Email for more info. 📧

The best news for you is:
📚 Ghostwriters will be listed as coauthor 
📚 Get paid £50 on acceptance
📚 Episode drafts are 5,000 words max 

I'm still planning this fun biz so stay tuned for further developments. Writers, please connect! 💰

Have a great day!

Amber 🦋


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